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Abandoned once again!

January 22, 2009
By Asmodeane in Posts, Road trips

Ah, nice. The blog update rate is threatening to stretch into months once again… But it’s not my fault! Nothing interesting has been happening, I have had very little time to update… And it is completely my fault. There have been things worth writing about afoot, I have had ample time to write, interesting photos have been taken, more or less interesting places visited. I know I mainly keep this blog for my own perusal, a public diary of sorts, and have almost no audience, but that does little to reduce the guilt I feel for neglecting “my duties”.

A lot of things have happened since I last updated the blog. Barak Obama became the president, Israel started and ended a major offensive in Gaza, an A320 made a miraculous ditching on Hudson river, figure skater Rubleva showed her tit to the whole world, Amy Winehouse is trying to kick the heroin habit… As for me, well, read on.

15:30. Sun sets at Tokoinranta.

15:30. Sunset at Tokoinranta.

For example, I swam in an avanto yesterday! I mean, is there even a word for avanto in english? Ice-hole? Sounds like something you’d call a frigid woman… “Hey! You! Yes, YOU, icehole!! C’mere and give daddy sum lovin’!”. Ahem. We were invited for an evening of sauna and dinner, eating meat cuts and melted cheese poured over some boiled potatoes (there’s a fancy name for that cheese thing in French, but I forget what it is) in Espoo, at our friend’s cottage near Siikajärvi lake. But anyway, I dipped beneath the ice for the first time since ‘96 or ‘97! Crazy, right? But people do it all the time here, at least some of them, and it goes great with a sauna. Very invigorating, if a bit emasculating. My genitals became external once again after 5min in the sauna though, so no harm done. Unlike back in 96′ - 97′, when I almost left my dingaling on the ice, as there was no ladder and I, as well as other corageous souls, had to be dragged out scraping my belly and nether regions against the razor sharp edge of the ice-hole…

A gourme meal, Wine & all...

A gourme meal, Wine & all...

What else..? Oh, yeah, I’ve been enjoying an uncharacteristic lottery winning streak! Twice in a row, in group games that divide the winnings (costs as well, while increasing win probability, which is why people buy them) by 10 and 5. Won 13 and 16 euros respectively! Haven’t lottoed since, but should probably “invest” some money into the Saturday draw. And before you say anything, I know that the odds are stacked overwhelmingly against me. It’s just a small thrill I buy for the price of pocket change, a little chance, a shot at wealth overwhelming. Oh, and just now, picking mothra dearest up from the train station, I won 5€ from a poker slot machine, from an initial investment of 1€. It just kept giving me wins, 4-Of-A-Kind, Flush, 2 Pairs at a minimum stake. I am not a gambler, so didn’t pursue my streak of luck, and walked away when my original euro ran out and the wins reached 5€… But this does make one think, perhaps it’s a sign that I should buy some lottery tickets? We’ll test that out. You’ll know whether I had the right hunch if I’ll be blogging from Carribbean next week from the deck of my own yacht.

As for work, well… It’s been kinda nice. Been to the Olkiluoto nuclear power station a couple of times after my last visit there, long drives but fairly good compensations. Then had an interesting gig in Turku, installing hardware and software, completely autonomous, all responsibility on me, but the feeling of satisfaction from a job well done (well, well enough) was worth it. Plus, once again, 0,45c of compensation for every kilometer driven sweetened the deal nicely. Now I am just waiting for a similar gig, to break the monotony and boredom of office work. Doing something like that in Moscow would be awesome… To get away from Helsinki for a week, and to get paid extra for it… Now that’d be the bees knees.

Oh well. Gotta go. So a light dusting of links is probably in order. I think we’ll go on mourning 2008, so here are some of the weirdest computing disasters of 2008. Then something that might interest you a bit more, the Top 20 Nude Movie Scenes of 2008! A very productive year, I must add. But what’s with the hideous flat tits with mutant man-nipples on Neve Campbell? And the sad grannybags on Kate Winslett!? To continue with the movie theme, here are the Top 24 worst special effects. They make a good point in a comment to “The Hulk”, it is incredibly hard to get jaw movements looking right. And the damn zombies/vampires in I Am Legend were shit. And the mask effect in Total Recall was pretty good, as I recall, although the fact that I was about 12 when I watched it might have had something to do with that. Although I was old enough to find the idea of a third boob alluring and the scene where the Governator’s eye-balls popped hilarious. Ok, gotta run to the uni.

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