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An unforgivable lapse.

An unforgivable lapse.

Another day at the office, another meager penny earned. This morning, for the first time in almost half a year I’ve managed to sleep in. Properly too, was actually 30 minutes late. Not that it actually matters. I just have to stay at the office for an extra 30 minutes after the official closing time of 16:30. Oh gods, how embarrassing. I just blasted off a propper burrito fart (quite a mystery, really, since haven’t had any burritos this week). And I’m not exactly alone in my corner office, it’s just split into two by a cubicle wall. Oh well. Anything natural can’t be disgusting, right? But here’s hoping that today is going to be as pleasant a day at the office as yesterday. Yesterday I had an hour long extended lunch, during which I ate a pizza (Bad! Bad!) and browsed through a local flea market, buying a couple of books (Pilluparvi by Skugge, Linda et al and a Red Meat compendium by Max Cannon) and a used Trivial Pursuit board game! Awesome. The trivial pursuit only set me back 3€, so that was nice. Will make a nice addition to drunk evenings with friends. Then I got off work earlier because had to deliver some plastic cards to the SK Ravintolat office, as they happen to be one of our clients. There I also met a girl I used to work with at Statistics Finland. She has climbed up the career ladder as well, but it apparently went to her head cos to my enthusiastic “Hey, didn’t you used to work..?” she just deadpanned “Yes”. Well fine, be that way, you stunted bitch. Oh, and your ass is, like, twice as large as it used to be, fatso.


  Anyway, fart jokes and loot lists aside, I finally went to the gym yesterday. See, I recently purchased a membership in one of the Blue Fitness gyms, spured on by a friend of mine who goes to the same gym, at 49€ a month, but have only visited it once during the past 2 weeks, due to a bout of angina and general laziness. That one time I did visit was used to make a comprehensive workout schedule with a personal trainer, which was fun, and measure my weight and body fat, which was depressing. I came in at 75kg and 20% body fat… So yeah, had a decent upper body workout with some biking thrown in for good measure yesterday. And now I can’t properly stretch my poor arms. This kind of shit always happens to me. Oh, and no pic from the gym cos it’d look creepy if I started taking pictured of sweaty lads & ladies. And it’s probably forbidden, too.


  So. Link time again. And boy do I have some good ones this time. Check out this awesome albino whale shark. Used to be my favorite fish when I was growing up. And going on with the naturalistic theme, a new research claims that Neanderthals weren’t dumber than Homo Sapiens. Slowly moving on to economics: Oil bubble about to burst. I do support the peak oil (…and in english) theory to some extent, but am of the opinion that, perhaps regretably, the high oil prices we are experiencing now are but a temporary bubble. But don’t listen to me, read the article. Then jumping on the frivolous bandwagon with a list of Top 10 Overrated Movies. I agree, but think that Pulp Fiction, along with pretty much everything else by Tarantino, should be on the list as well. And lets cap off with a potentially life-saving piece of combat advise!

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  1. Top 10 is bullshit… What they dont understend they cant like….

  2. We people are enjoying Olympic, iPhone, movies and lot more entertainment but have we ever notices about the people who are suffering the heavy flood in Bihar state of India Please visit, your view/comment will be appreciated.

  3. Swim tiem, y’all!

  4. fuck em

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