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Nukular Future

December 31, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts, Road trips

Another day, another something something. Another euro earned, perhaps? Another wrinkle? Another kilo gained? I don’t know. Today is special though, because it is the last day of 2008, but still I have to sit at the office until 17:00. At least I didn’t have to get up at 5am today. I got up at 8:15 instead, being wilfully late for work. Oh, and why did I have to get up at 5am yesterday? Here’s why:


That's as close as I was allowed to take pictures. Bummer.

That's as close as I was allowed to take pictures. Bummer.

I mentioned an interesting gig coming up in my Monday post, didn’t I? Well, that gig involved going to the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant to install personal access control and issuance systems for the security departament. I am not going to divulge any secrets, so put down that phone and take your finger off the 1-800-SNITCH speed dial button. I am not going to spill the beans because I don’t have any beans to spill. I was basically a glorified driver for that trip. My collegue did most of the real work, all that messing about with databases and shit. I did the program installation and some hardware setup, and then a lot of going to the toilet (they fed us well), staring into space, quietly freaking out (having had too much caffeine, a big no-no for someone on SSRIs), and playing monopoly on my phone. I didn’t dare take out my GBA Micro. I had to stop by the office in the morning, to pick up some hardware, so woke up at 5:20am. It wasn’t that bad. I picked up my collegue at 7am, and we were off, almost instantly getting lost on the motorway, because it was still apparently not ready, and at some point just sorta petered out, leaving us on the road to Hanko instead of Turku. We lost about half on hour with that, and had to drive along a narrower, slower, unlit road for most of the trip there. And that’s where I started zoning out and slipping into a dream state, drifting gently here and there… But we got to Olkiluoto just fine, although 45 minutes late, after a 3h 30min drive that included two pit stops. And the rest is history. We didn’t get anything to work properly, we ate at the employee canteen, and then we drove back to Helsinki, at around 17:00. After the 15 hour work day I didn’t want anything except to hit the shower and then the bed and watch CSI, drifting off to sleep to soothing screams and gentle death rattle.. Girly had other plans, however. She was at her sis’s place, and wanted me to drop by for a visit as well. Her concern for my social life had, of course, nothing to do with the fact that it was cold outside and her hair was wet and that she didn’t want to waste an hour on public transportation to get home. Her sis is married to Mr. Z, a good friend of mine and a capital feller, but still I almost didn’t go cos was just so damn tired. However, I was finally swayed by being offered an opportunity to taste their home brewed cider, which turned out to be delightful indeed. As another bonus I was given a tour of the newly installed geothermal heat pump, a heating system that… Well, it works on some sort of magic, trust me. I am not sure if his heat pump is geothermal as well as air source, though. But we will get drunk at their place tonight, as we celebrate the coming of another year, and disassemble it to get to the source of the magic, and figure everything out.


Yeah, 2008 is at an end, and it feels like it barely had the time to begin. In my case 2008 was one of those years that didn’t really stand out much. Not like 2005, when I bought my boat and sailed her to Gotland. Or like 2006, when I sailed the fuck out of East Estonia. Funny, only epic sailing trips and summers really stand out. That, and mental breakdowns, but I’m not gonna count that because we are concentrating on the listing positive things here. 2008 was the year of almost no sailing though. So what does stand out in 2008? Well, I moved out of my mother’s flat into my own at the beginning of 2008, after living there for something like 2 years. I liked to tell myself that I lived in a flat owned by my mother, no more, but she spent enough time there to make it akin to living with your mother. So moving out was a very good thing. I also met my girlfriend, that is I started going out with my girlfriend, having met her at least 5 years prior to that. That can also be added to the list of positive achievments, I guess. I also gradually climbed out of depersonalization disorder, as well as depression. But that was to be expected anyway, those things typically last about half a year with me. I started working full time, but not before taking a month off to visit relatives in the region of Krasnodar, Russia, and to explore the coast of Black Sea, Anapa to Sochi, with my girlfriend, who’s never been to Russia prior to that or met my relatives. The results were both fun and educational. Hmm. That was pretty much it for summer, I think, except for a DDT gig in Tallinn. Then there was the fall, with a business trip to Moscow, my first, and so far only, business trip outside of Finland, and the “long weekend” trip to London. So there. I think my 2008 was kind of tame. Not bad, just tame. Could have been better. 2009 will probably be worse. More work, less free time, less travel… But we’ll see about that.


So. Have you had enough of Top 10 and “…best of 2008″ lists yet? Yeah, me too. I don’t have anything else interesting though. Except for the always entertaining laws still on the books in the States. Oh, that seems to be a top 10 list as well. Aw crap. Well, here’s another list then. This one is good, trust me. The 7 best capers (crimes) of 2008! And where would we be without space links? Here’s a gallery that followed the progres of space shuttle Endeavour from launch pad to landing. You can buy the space shuttles now, too. Will be yours after 2010, barring possible disasters. And remember the plucky Mars Rovers? Well, you can’t buy them yet, but the fuckers are still alive and kicking, sending fascinating pictures of rocks and dust back to NASA after 5 years of service, despite being designed to only function for 90 days. Ok, enough, I am off home, and then to Z’s to celebrate New Year. Yippee… Maybe I’ll just sleep in instead.

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