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December 22, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts, Rants

  My oh my, what a dilema! What a deliciously mind-boggling conundrum..! I, a person that easily spends an agonising hour at the store trying to select what food to buy, only to emerge with a packet of turkey sausages and some cheese, am forced to decide what on earth am I going to get myself for xmas. Every year my parents give me some cash so that I’d get myself a present. That way everybody’s happy. I didn’t much care for a gift last xmas, I believe, probably because I spent it doped up on anti-psychotics, but this year I thought what the hell and went with it, receiving 400€ to spend. At first I was thinking of getting a netbook. Then I was thinking of a proper digital SLR. Then I though of getting a new PC, paying extra out of my salary and the 15% bonus. But once I thought it all out, I realised that I don’t really need a netbook. At least not yet. And that I don’t really need an SLR. I can get by with my old PowerShot A570IS. And that I don’t really need a new PC. I can play old games and sit online just fine with my old iron. So I decided to spend the money on new maps for my Garmin GPS and refurbishing the sails! Buying a new set of sails would have cost me about 1200€, and not much of that would have gone into the resell value, so I’d rather just have them (and a lot of other stuff on the boat) refurbished and then sell the boat off at the end of next summer, getting myself a bigger one for the 2010 season! Well, provided I am still employed then…


Xmas lunch at the office. And that's not all...

Xmas lunch at the office. And that's not all...

As for other shit, well there’s been plenty of it. The weekend’s been practically ruined by a pissed off PMS’ing girlfriend, who I hope is not an avid follower of this blog, so nothing much has been happening except for tearful fighting and sullen sulking through the weekend. A truce was established though, and a peace accord signed, eventually, so all is well, for now. But the work week started off great, with a nice corporate xmas lunch made by qualified caterers stuffing us to the gills, after which there was an exchange of randomly distributed small gifts, as each of us employees had to buy something small for around 5€ over the weekend. I bought some fancy tea & coffee, going 2€ over budget, and got a DVD, a movie called ”Anita“. Some finnish flick from 1993. Will have to make an exception and watch it, I guess, despite not being too fond of the domestic cinema. The company also gave us gifts, with a choice between a wallet (faux leather, I suspect) and some sort of a folding shopping bag/basket for your car, so that you don’t have to buy one at the store. I went for the wallet, even though at closer inspection it turned out to be somewhat worse than the one I am currently using. Oh well, there’s an xmas present for someone in it, I guess.


Okay, I am running out of time here folks, so let’s start with those all-important links. Now, as you know, I am not an avid supporter of Islam (and it must be said, religion in general), and sometimes I back up my position by posting links on the subject. Today is one of those times. For what kind of a fucked up, government-sponsored religion would condone a marriage between an 8 year-old girl and a 58 year-old man? And not only condone it, but deny the girl a right to divorce the pedophilic old fuck? And remember the idyllic multicultural paradise of Sweden? The thriving muslim populace there and in other host countries is just bending over backwards in order to better integrate and take part in society! Oh wait… No, they aren’t. And it’s not just some almost hilarious crap like this or this. The problem has been a 300-pound gorilla in the room for years. I’ve even posted links about it on the old blog some years ago, about all the unrest in certain areas of Stockholm , Goteborg, Malmö… Well, now it made its way into mainstream media, with reports of “youths”, as they are vagely referred to in the media, running amok, burning cars and vandalising property, assaulting police officers and firecrews, even paramedics and ambulance drivers! Some parts of big towns are off limits to public transportation 365 days a year, 7 days a week because they are kept being stoned! And by that I don’t mean being approached by some frienldly rastafarians with a lit joint. Jees… And it happends in whatever country a sizeable muslim population is allowed to settle in! Take the situation with the Somali enclaves in the states, for instance… It is enough to make a grown man despair. Have we only just torn off the shackles of religious opression by Christianity in order to be shackled once again, this time in the name of Allah all-powerful and Islam, the Religion of Peace? Anyway, I must go. But check out the balls on these Chinese sailors, fending off attacking Somali pirates, molotov cocktails vs. AK-47’s and RPG’s!

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