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Sailing & Ailing

December 19, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

Sigh. Dismal morning. Crappy night. And an agonisingly dull day before that. And if you’re thinking I’m exaggerating, well fine, I am. But not by much. And besides, I’ve never passed an opportunity for a good whine and will not do so now, especially on my own bloody blog. Sigh. Such is the life of the office plankton, a.k.a. office pond scum. Someday I’ll sail the fuck away, just you wait and see. But before that I’ll keep whining and bitching.

A solid investment! In hope of a little xmas miracle...

A solid investment! In hope of a little xmas miracle...

Speaking of sailing, I’ve been reading SV Aliisa’s blog lately. That is, I’ve read the Aliisa blog. It’s a blog written by Lauri Strengell, about his voyages aboard his yacht, Aliisa. He is currently making his way to Australia, and is now at Cap Verde Islands. Makes for great reading, as travel/sailing blogs usually do, brightens my day and fills my mind with dreams and desires… I just wish the posts were longer and the pictures more plentiful, but I guess we should be thankful that a man living his dream finds enough time to update the blog as it is. I even donated 10€ to “the cause”, since, like most liveaboards who set out young, Lauri is plagued by financial problems. He delighted me with a wonderful e-mail thanking me for my contribution, something I didn’t really expect. I guess it isn’t often that people donate money through his blog. I think I’ll add the blog to my blogroll, so that you too can read the tales of adventure on the high seas..!


Anyway, as I recall I promised to post the results of my blood test here last Friday. The results came back last monday, and hey, they weren’t too bad. Or, rather, were as bad as I expected them to be. So let’s see. My blood pressure was 132/67, which is normal, right? Or even good. And now for bloodwork. My cholesterol, the bad kind, was elevated, as expected. It should be 3mmol/L, mine was 3,4mmol/L. That’s for LDL. As for total cholesterol values, they stand at 5,4mmol/L when they should be 5,18mmol/L max. Less animal fat and I should be fine. My liver values were a bit over the top as well. ALA (or ALAT) was at 103 instead of the recommended 10 to 70. And that’s what they recommend in Finland. Stateside anything over 50 is considered abnormal. On the other hand, were I to have Hep C or something the values would be in their thousands, if not tens of thousands. And it can all be attributed to my atrocious BMI of 26. And liver values can be explained by my intake of SSRI medications as well, I guess. Here are some other reasons, as well, from WikiAnswers. Leukocytes were also elevated at 8,4, but that is normal, since the norms are 3,4 to 8,2, and is nothing to worry about. I think mine have been elevated for the past few years anyway… The only thing that was lower than normal was Creatinine, which is a thingy related to muscles, so no wonder it was low… It could also mean that my kidneys are working perfectly. Yay for kidneys! So that’s that for my blood work. All is fine, but I think I’ll do a separate liver check-up just to exclude the possibility of Hepatitis, something I could have well picked up in Russia.


So that’s that. I am eagerly awaiting the christmas holidays, not because of anything we’ve planned, but because it’s not work. There is a trip to Nurmes ahead, though, to meet my girlfriend’s father. Scary, but unavoidable, I’m afraid. I will probably be forced to don cross-country skis and traipse all over the countryside much to the delight of my sadistic girlfriend. God only knows what else I will have to endure… Luckily we won’t be going alone.


And that’s that. Can’t be arsed to write any more. Let others do the writing. So on with the links, then. While I was away from the blog, an icon passed away, namely Bettie Page. She spawned a lot of impersonators, most of them utter shit, like the neo-burlesque cows you see at various rock gigs. News flash: adopting neo-burlesque style, just like adopting any other “fringe” style, as your own does not make you any less fat or ugly! Some, though, like Dita Von Teese aren’t half bad, becoming targets of emulation themselves. Here’s a gallery of various Bettie Page pics, then, for comparison. And staying on the star-track, check out this awesome field guide to Keany Reeves expressions, rated with a patented Kean-u-meter™! And sticking to Hollywood, here’s one thing I don’t get, the love and affection poured on Che Guevara, the Butcher of La Cabana… Same goes for the lefties. Yes, you! Ok, another topic now. Let’s read about the top 10 medical breakthroughs of 2008. There is hope! I expect to live to a ripe old age of 120, thank you very much. Let’s cap this linkdump with a post debunking the 12 most common myths about beer. Oh, and great news, Myth #12: Beer kills brain cells! Great. Now I want a beer… Signing off, over and out.

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