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Wondrous Winter Wonderland

December 11, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

Good morning, girls and boys, boys and girls! Good morning indeed from the Wonderful Winter Wonderland..! We have snow on the ground, ice on the roads and bums in shelters! The sky is gray and I haven’t seen the sun in a week! Perfect. Just perfect…for playing computer games and sitting at the office! Yay!


Five Minutes For Myself

Five Minutes For Myself

Yes. I’ve been on a bit of a hypochondriac sick leave from work for the past few days, and am not ashamed to admit that I have enjoyed it immensly. It gave me the chance to finally complete Neverwinter Nights, as well as the Shadows of Undrentide expansion pack. Damn it was a good game. I think I’ll actually buy the sequel, NWN2, and all the expansion packs that come with it as soon as I’m done with the last NWN expansion pack, Hordes of the Underdark. One should support the failing PC game industry now that one’s been gainfully employed… Give something back to the gaming community, so to speak. Besides, I find it highly unlikely that a big game house will produce another classic PC RPG in the future, without dumbing it down for console kiddies. Just look at Fallout 3 and Oblivion… Old Skool FTW, bytches! Oh and hey, speaking of gaming, I’ve discovered another scourge of office productivity lately, one that goes by the name of “Travian“. Go ahead, try it, it’s a strategy/resource management multiplayer browser game set in the middle ages. It’s basically free, but you can buy things as well, like added functionality and bonuses to various values. The pace is really slow, so it’s perfectly suited for intermittent office gaming.


Not Iva Nova.

Not Iva Nova.

Anyway, were was I? Yeah, I didn’t just sit at home playing games and reading books. I also attended (partly dragged to, partly going out of my own volition) a few gigs, one at Vanha and one at Dubrovnik, during the wekend, heard two interesing bands (Five Minutes For Myself and Iva Nova) and two crappy ones, and had an ok time overall… An ordinary outing, in other words. Yet the heart, it yearns for something else, something different… Maybe I should just get wasted, like in them good old days. Or, I dunno, maybe, uh, I shouldn’t. Opinions differ, and nostalgia is a seductive liar. Besides, I ain’t no young man any longer. Almost thirty here, yep. Just had a chat on MSN with a friend of mine this morning about health related issues, namely his high blood pressure, heightened cholesterol values and arrhythmia. And he is a year younger than me. Or was it two years..? So I scheduled a basic medical checkup for tomorrow morning, one that I hope the company will pay for. I expect high cholesterol and normal blood pressure and liver values. I am hoping for low/normal cholesterol and low blood pressure. Oh well, we’ll see. And you’ll see as well. I shall be posting the results tomorrow, in exquisite detail. Maybe even pictures.


And another thing I did with my sick leave. Bear with me, we’ll get to the link section soon enough. Ready? I modelled nude! Yes, in the buff! Full monty, baby! Yes, shudder and puke all you want to, I did already did it. As to why I unleashed such evil upon this world, well, it was all done for a good cause, namely to promote mental healthcare for young people in Finland. I played the part of a deranged lunatic. Naked deranged lunatic with a bandaged head. And my somewhat overweight likeness is going to be featured in an artsy calendar alongside various other naked people promoting various other worthy causes. Probably not coming to a store near you, but still… Superstar..!


Ok, linkses then. Hmm. Where to begin… Ok, let’s start with a dumbass teenager who lost her virginity at camp… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. See for yourself. Heh. Although what’s the big deal, she’s like 18 for saviour’s sake. And on to a completely unrelated matter, here’s a list of scariest videogames, like, evor. Oh, and let’s include both the retro and the modern versions. For all my old skool cred and swagger I haven’t actually played any of the games on the retro list. And only played a couple from the modern list. But Doom 3 sure was hella-scary! And Aliens vs. Predator was impossible to play alone for longer than ten minutes at a time before developing an overwhelming urge to watch Teletubbies at full volume in a brightly lit room while clutching your mangy one-eyed teddy bear close to your young pimply chest. Oh, and if you suddenly want to know what games were the Top 25 sellers ever-ever, look no further. Pokémon ruined everything, as usual. And I am sure games (as well as art, music, dancing and fun in general, of course) would be something this fucker would wag his finger at… Shits like that should just go back to Absurdistan. Meh. Let’s look at a cute toy-stealing kitty next to calm our nerves. Aww, what a cute lil’ feller..! Coochie-woochie! Who’za Mr. Woozikins then!? Ahem. Enough. So ok, we are like in a recession now, right? The sword of layoffs and cutbacks is hanging over the heads of the proletariat like, uh, a big sharp sword. But worry not! Nobody can stop you from setting your goals high and getting rich, just like these folks did. And on this uplifting note I bid you adieu!

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  2. I’ll ask for a few copies of the calendar that I can hand out to my friends and enemies… ;)

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