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Hibernation nation!

December 4, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

Supersize me..!

Supersize me..!

Whaddaya know. Tis suddenly winter time. A point brought home about two weeks ago by a tedious archaeological excavation that eventually yielded a Volvo. Then the snow melted as abruptly as it came. I could have just waited for a while and spared myself all the labor. But now it is snowing again… Big, heavy white flakes plummeting to the ground, melting on impact. Very pretty, and oh so cozy. I would just love to light some candles and snuggle up under the blankets with a good book or a few episodes of House. But things like that are frowned upon at my office, uptight prigs that they are.

So hey, what’s been going on since I last posted? Well, for starters, Obama won the election. Which is good, I think. McCain wasn’t bad, but he was a bit long in the tooth, and he would have brought Sarah “You Betcha!” Palin along with him. Sure, she’s a moderately fuckable broad for her age, but when it comes to running a superpower I’d prefer someone with better qualifications than that.Then there were the Bombay terror attacks. That was bad. I just wonder when will the world open its eyes to the islamist threat and the dangerous disease that is Islam… On the other hand there is little to be done, so the world can go on sleeping for all the good that will do it.

As for my personal life, well, nothing much’s been going on. Just more work, or that peculiar brand of sitting at the office that I like to call work. Alhough in all fairness it should be pointed out that my activity levels have increased somewhat, and so did my level of social engagement, thanks mainly to the christmas party that was held for all the office folks at the Flamingo. A lot of fun was had, and I didn’t even embarras myself… Oh, and I will probably be moving in with my girlfriend, as soon as we find a suitable flat. I dunno why, but I guess “why not” is the best answer. I’ve also got fed up with paying 50€ a month for the gym where I so seldom show up, and, since the contract is of the yearly variety, instead of canceling my subscription I started going there two - three times a week. Because I hate what I have become. I weigh close to 76Kg! That’s a hefty increase from the 69kg I used to weigh last May! Ok, fine, I was on an interesting cocktail of medications and couldn’t sleep without tranquilizers, but still! So I try to watch what I eat and put in a healthy two hours at the gym few times a week. I also switched my beer to red wine, mostly. Although that is proving to be a controversial decision, since I also tend to drink that red wine like it’s beer. Oh, after all that health drivel you muct be wondering what’s with the photo of the day… Well, I caved in to the pressure today and had a McChiken meal. With supersized fries. And a diet coke. I blame the hangover and my generally pissed off mood.

So then. Links. Hmm. I’d like to have my own personal airship. Like the one in this clip. Then Top 20 of Top 10 lists. And hey, if you’re a sad cunt that likes to call phone sex numbers, here’s who you’re talking to… And in case life just wasn’t scary enough before, consider this: 40% of all coma patients are actually awake and cognizant but unable to communicate. So there is hell, after all.

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  1. ))))
    Jo… Kak ano?
    Rezul’tati v zale est’?
    Gde fotki s dnjuhi?

  2. Чет не вижу я результатов. Плечо тока разъебал опять. А фотки… Ну где где…

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