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By jove, London!

October 24, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts, Travel

Blowfish needed a steadying hand.

Blowfish needed a steadying hand.

Gosh. You know planes? I hate planes. A plane is a friggin tube of aluminum foil wrapped around a carcass of twigs with two sputtering tubes of fire stuck on the back. Oh, and the whole contraption is controlled by buggy software that in turn controls a collection of leaky hydraulic pipes and pistons. And all that is wrapped by miles of cabling that can short at any time or develop mysterious ailments. Yes, all that is hurtling through the air at an altitude of 12km, controlled by tired old pilots. Oh my, this all sounds like such a splendid idea, I would love to board one of those assisted suicide machines! In fact, I am! I am going to entrust my life to complete fucking strangers at 12:05 today! Yay!


Dead end, my friend.

Dead end, my friend.

Yeah. I’m going to London. Gonna meet the girly there. Grr. Never mind about that though. I have a whole sheaf of stuff printed out, like walk tours to take, and cheap bars, and bars with views and what not. I also have a little wishlist written up as well. If you have any suggestions about what to do in London then drop me a comment. I’ll also be spending a night or two in Cambridge, and will probably visit Stonehenge. I guess it’s all fenced in and commercialized by now, even more so than in -99, but what the heck, girly should see it. Sigh. Oh well, guess I better go now. Will have enough time for drinks at the airport, as if that’ll help. In fact I have something that will help, Diapam (otherwise known as Valium, a valuable friend to all bored Hollywood house wives), but I won’t take that poison. Besides, if I did, I wouldn’t be able to drink for the next day or two. And that just wouldn’t do, would it? How would I then retain my sunny disposition and a positive outlook on life?


Links then. First, some piece of advice I’ll follow today. The safest seats on planes. Interesing, if a bit disconcerting reading right before the flight. And here’s something else that’s going to be poking the stratosphere, meh. Although with the financial crisis and the price of oil going down I’m not so sure… Ok, have to run now, just ordered a cab. My charred remains can be identified by my silver bracelet on the right arm, black clothes, and ISKÄ boxers. As for my worldly posessions, Bonus can have the boat, Girly can have the telly, and Dimer can have the PC.

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  1. you didn’t leave me any of your possessions…? :(
    i go sulk now.
    nevor talking to it again.

  2. Yes, well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, innit? ;)

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