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Frankie the Penis

October 22, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

Work can be both educational and fun!

Work can be both educational and fun!

Ah, another glorious and fulfilling day at work. Work. What a joke. Yesterday I’ve mostly been playing with Frankie the Fish. The day before that I’ve been mostly playing with Frankie the fish. I even thought of dedicating today to the delights of Frankie the Fish. But instead today turned out to be one of those rare days when something moderately interesting and challenging is plopped down in front of me. I had to duplicate an existing card design, from a paper copy to something closely resembling it on the screen. Ok, big whoop, you say. Fuck you, I reply, I ain’t no Visual Image Developer, my graphic design skills are close to zero, and my Adobe Illustrator and FreeHand skills are very basic. But quite unlike my usual self I persevered. I did everything on my own, by trial and error, with tears on the keyboard, and lots of quiet swearing. I now have this strange feeling… Could it be that elusive concept of job satisfaction?


Сам ты тормоз...

Сам ты тормоз...

Anyway, gotta leave the office early today. WIll be lifting the boat for winter storage. And speaking of the boat, I got quite a fright yesterday when a lady from the liikuntavirasto gave me a call and told me that a bayliner broke free of its moorings and bashed my boat. I asked how bad the damage was, they didn’t know. So it was with a heavy heart that I went to see what became of poor old Blowfish. I was quite relieved when all that I saw were some barely visible scratches on the gelcoat. Phew! So today I am lifting the old girl up, away from the brutal motorboats whose owners can’t tie a pair of knots to save themselves, not to mention skimp on the fenders. Not that I am a sea wolf by any measure.


As for other suff… Well, nothing really happends. My girlfriend is in Ireland enjoying the attentions of local God’s gifts to women, no doubt, and I am working. Been trying to have a fun drink for a while, but with little success. Will try again tonight, but will probably end up at home before 2300, falling asleep to Frasier. Goddamnit. I need some change.


Right. A few links and I’m off to buy that pressure washer for my darling’s bottom. My boat’s bottom that is. I am sure that other darling’s bottom is getting all attention it can stand as it is. But this ought to cheer me up, as well as make me jealous of such awesome jobs, a US Navy Carrier Crew take on the music video for “Pump It!”. Meh. I wanna fly turboprops off the decks of aircraft carriers too… Oh, and David Spade. I mean, WTF… The dude’s crazy good with the ladies. I want some of that mojo! Oh, and 10kg off as well. I guess all I need to do is eat slower and sleep more. Oh, and my Frankie the Fish top score was 43301, in case you’re wondering.

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