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Office, 25.08.2008

August 25, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

Oh god, what a boring day. Dreary gray, rainy day. And all I wanna do is lay my head down on the table, cover it with Kauppalehti and catch some sleep. I guess the angina and the brain-boiling fever I suffered from last week are mostly to blame. That and the soul sucking void that is my work. Plus that hefty lunch I consumed at the chinese in town. Damn batter-fried chicken. Now I can’t be arsed to do the simplest of tasks. Everything is covered with thick layers of gloopy gloom and laziness. Sigh…


At least the Olympics are over, so that means more airtime to shows unrelated to sports. On the other hand, finnish BigBrother is starting again, so that’s a minus. The contestors are all either ugly and boring or ugly and annoying. Then there’s Big Bang Theory to keep one occupied, counterbalanced by Salatut Elämät, a horrible finnish soap show that will be taking Monday’s time slot from Friends and The Simpsons. I am thinking of all this crap while I should be working. Or at least thinking work related thoughts. And it’s not as if I even watch that much TV. It’s just sorta on in the background while I concentrate on my computer or read.


Just the thing for a rainy day.

Just the thing on a rainy day.

As for the weekend that went past, well, little else than what was described in the previous post came to pass. I have really hazy recollections from Saturday and Sunday, mainly because so little was done, except for eating and sleeping. We were supposed to do some sailing with Daimer and my girlfriend, a little overnight trip to Porvoo or something, but she came down with a bad case of indigestion (Food poisoning? Morning sickness? We’ll never know) and we sorta had to cancel. The next day turned out to be hella rainy, so we pretty much staid in bed the whole day except for a timid forray into Kallio’s Hola bar, to read the newspapers and have a few pints. All in all it was my kind of a weekend. Hibernation ftw.


Links? Aw heck, why not. First, some of the most horrible body parts from various celebrities. There are some rather icky ones there, be warned. And why not continue with 8 dumbest hoax e-mails millions of people have actually fallen for. Now excuse me, I have to go transfer some cash to a stranded Nigerian prince.

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