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October 16, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

  G’day, y’all. And what a pretty day it is..! The sun, shining. The leaves, falling. The wind, blowing. The water, flowing. Ok, did I make you sick yet? Cos I sure am swallowing my vomit in the face of all this sugar coated rethoric. And besides, the sun isn’t shining, or it might be, but it is shining behind a nice thick layer of gray clouds.


Somebody wanted in badly.

Somebody wanted in badly.

Anyway, the wave of depression has passed on somewhat, and I am once again moderately communicable and less moody. Girly might have something to do with that as well, I guess, forcing me out of my shell somewhat. I should go out a lot more, drink a bit less, and take part in various social games and activities. Like last Monday, when we went bowling with her cousin, her sister and Dr. Z. Bowling is fun. I like bowling. These two simple sentences sum up my feelings for bowling pretty well. What more can you say? And while I might not be anything like a pro, I am fairly proficient with throwing my balls around, at least when I get up to speed and am still moderately sober, i.e. before my fourth pint. However, despite my undoubted provess girly won. But only because she threw a gutterball for me on my first turn while I was stuck in tram traffic (something weird was going on with public transportation that evening) trying to get to the bowling alley! Blatant sabotage, that. So I came second. Devilry!


This bum wiggled his dick at passing women. My hero.

This bum wiggled his dick at passing women. My hero.

Work was generally alright for the past couple of days. A trip to the store to stock up the office stocked up my larder as well, and provided me with an opportunity to visit a large electronics retailer, wandering between the shelves, touching shiny gadgets, playing demo games… Ah. How I love the smell of gadgets in the morning! I came to the TV section, and stood mesmerized by the 70″ motherfucker that blinked messages of love and devotion at me. It wanted me to buy it, it wanted me to feed it electricity, it wanted me to gently stroke it’s screen with a microfiber cloth. Oh, I would plug unspeakable things into its HDMI ports, play with its knobs and buttons, and we would be happy together, forever. Or at least till the electricity bill came. Sigh. I want a 40″ LCD telly. But then it was time to go back to the office, and later to go home, where the surly readheaded devil waited, crouched and tense, to tear me to shreds once I came through the door. Scary.


Ok, guess it’s time to do some translation, earn my keep and whatnot. Before that, however, links. Today we are going to concentrate on women, that curse upon the heads of men. Learn to tell the fake from real in this thorough tutorial. And we are talking about boobs, of course. Speaking of fake, here are some hot chicks that have gone ugly, sometimes in less than a year. Poor girls. And while these following beauties are not ugly, nor would I kick any of them out of my bed, they sure as hell aren’t all that, if you take my meaning. Yep. This short clip is one guy’s take on women, and I guess he might be right. Women Suck. At least the kind of women that are described in this article. 10 types of women you need to avoid. Ha. Easier said than done. To quote “Fight Club“, “We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need. “.

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