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Pokie sticks!

October 13, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts, Road trips

  The inspiration for today’s headline came from humble chopsticks, that most lethal of weapons. Seems that a new Chinese restaurant has opened in a mall near my office, so I think I’ll go test it now, departing from my usual penny (and waist) pinching ways. I shall come back with pictures and go on blogging, I guess.


The boat is getting ready for the winter.

The boat is getting ready for the winter.

  Damn. No facinating close-up pictures of Chinese food for you, as I completely forgot about my camera and concentrated on listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor on my iPod while stuffing my face with fried noodles, rice, pork, bamboo shots and mushrooms and deep fried chicken dumplings smothered in sweet & sour sauce. The quality was predictable and consistant with other Chinese food joint of this class. So no bitter tears of disappointment there. On the other hand I don’t think I’ll be going there again very soon, as first of all it is more expensive than buying shit from the supermarket (especially shit that is about to go bad!) and second because it is probably fattening as hell. Them chicken dumplings aren’t fried in unicorn tears, man. It’s fat, pure and unadulterated.


An unusually prominent dark ring developed around my iris...

A weird dark ring developed around my iris after I removed my contacts...

Anyway, I was at Lammi during the weekend once again. Or Saturday - Sunday, at any rate. Prior to that, on Friday, I sweated out some fat at the gym and went out to meet my friends at the ghastly but oh-so-familiar watering hole called Tauko, chatted some, and drank kossuvissy. Kossuvissy is basically Koskenkorva vodka mixed with vichy mineral water and ice. Not a bad combination, and even better now that a friend of mine made the completely unexpected discovery that if you reduce the amount of vodka to a bare 2cl per drink you stay alert much longer and don’t descend into drunken delerium as easily. Who knew, reducing the alcohol content of a drink delays the onset of inebriation… So that’s what we were having, middle-aged, careful drinks. Until I got a call from a hippy friend who told me that Voima, a despicably leftist magazine, was celebrating the launch of its new online portal or somesuch, and he wanted me to come. Drinks were on the house! The party was ok even despite the overabundance of all sorts of sad leftist stereotypes. I was home around 3am, and judging by the gnawed plastic packaging on the floor I devoured 10 chicken sausages and about 200 grams of mettwurst before passing out blissfully full of meat and conservants.


Next morning I found myself in the middle of a perfect shitstorm, and right when I was in my vegetative emotionally atrophied state that basket cases like me sometimes experience. Apparently I sent some SMSes to my girlfriend that were not appreciated at 3am, with content that could be interpreted as dubious. Anyway, I did make a kind of a weasel promise that I would visit the biological station she was at this weekend, and now I absolutely had to, despite a birthday party I promised to attend that same evening as well. Other guys might sympathise here, you know how your spouce wants you to do something, and you’re not so sure you do, and you kinda nod and say “ummyeah, ok, hmm, maybe” in a little voice? And then congratulate yourself on the cunning way you left yourself room to maneuver? Well, that shit don’t fly  with chicks. Because the moment you said “ummyeah, ok, hmm, maybe” in that pathetic voice while trying to concentrate on the TV/PC you made a promise. But enough said. I wasn’t all that sorry to have to go north, and had a good time while there, even helping out at the lab and getting caugh making out in a specimen growing vault by the janitor. Except that it’s the last time I’m driving a cloth top convertible at anything over 80Km/h over distances of more than 50km.


So links then, as I will soon go home to pretty girly, beer, and bowling. Let me show you the most impossibly awesome personal library that anyone has ever had. I mean, jizzums! It’s just that incredible… This gallery of photos taken while with ISAF in Afghanistan is nothing short of awesome too. Must be one hell of an experience, everything else must seem so horribly pale in comparison to them boys once they return home. Then a cool chart of US presidents sorting them by height, weight and popularity. And while we are on the topic of politics, here are McCain’s 10 worst ideas compared with Obama’s 10 worst ideas. I was leaning more towards McCain at first, but ever since he’s picked Palin as his VP I support Obama…

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  1. that library is unbelievable!!!
    (and so is palin–as far at nutcases go…)

  2. Smotrel na fotku s glazom…. Navejalo.

    Darkness imprisoning me
    All that I see
    Absolute horror
    I cannot live
    I cannot die
    Trapped in myself
    Body my holding cell.

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