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I am sick of this view.

I am sick of this view.

 Well, I guess it’s officially autumn now. That realisation has finally sunk in, the point driven home by falling leaves pelting me on my way to work… Very pretty, but also kinda depressing. As is often the case at the onset of another cold season, my thoughts have lately been turning more and more towards emigrating to warmer climes. Like those of South Australia, for instance. Or even South England. Think about it. Most of our preciously short lives here, and I’m talking at least a half, in the “frozen north” (more like “clammy north”, really) are wasted on the dark and dreary winter months and shitty rainy summers. Oh, then throw in frequently disappointing springs and invariably depressing autumns and what you’ve got is a fairly gloomy picture that goes a long way towards explaining the suicide rate and the alcohol consumption. And if you’re gonna spout some garbage about the beauty of winter and the joy of snow I’ll conk you one in the schnozzle and tell you to go fuck yourself. It’s cold, it’s dark, the snow is a bitch to walk in and stings your face, and I’d rather snowboard aboroad than in Finland, thank you very much. Besides, what about the sailing season? Eh? It’s non-existant! 3 bloody months of relatively warm weather, and that’s about it. Sure you can brave the autumn chill and torture yourself out on the water to your hearts content, but that’s not quite my style. So yeah, you could say that I am a strong advocate of leaving these dismal shores and finding sunshine and life eternal beyond the sea. Nor am I necessarily talking about the tropics. I just want a relatively warm winter, like what they have in Italy, or even England. I like rain, just as long as its not frozen. So over the previous few days I have tentatively outlined a simple savings plan for myself in order to put together some sort of a “nest egg” and perhaps flee south by my mid thirties… I’m not talking early retirement here, you understand, so nothing major, no stock speculation, no dumpster diving, just squirreling away a few hundred or more a month in a savings account, and avoiding frivolous purchases. And no, me buying an iPod yesterday can NOT be counted as a frivolous purchase!


And thus we come to the daily dose of links. I’ve recently been looking at some sites dealing with foreign property, as well as general statistics, out of innate curiosity, mainly, but also trying to scout out potential places of future residence. So I’ve stumbled upon two interesting sites, one is the amazingly comprehensive and helpful Global Property Guide, and the other is NationMaster, a site full of drool-tastic statistics about all the world’s nations. Ok, while we are on the subject of statistics, Foreign Policy magazine has published a list of murder capitals of the world. And that’s it for the “serious” topics. Why don’t you go play the Mindfeed Quiz? Or marvel at the amazing longevity of a 12 year old McDonalds hamburger? I wish I aged that well! These comics, though, have not been so lucky. They are just taking up space from potentially funny fresh comics. I mean, who the fuck finds the daily Garfield strip funny or even amusing? I don’t know, but I did find someone with a buring hatered for Garfield. Ok, me over and out, but before that I’d like to say, leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim! Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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