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Uiva 08

August 23, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

So, after three days of battling what at times seemed like certain death, I crawled down to the Uiva 08 boatfair today. Or rahter, was encouraged to do so by Daimer, Baal bless his soul. He scrounged a couple of free tickets from a friend, as well as a Playstation 3 for the weekend,  and instead of playing we for some reason decided to go to the fair.


I went out of the flat on rubber legs, swaying as I attempted to climb down the stairs from my 7th floor appartament. I gave up around the 5th floor and took the elevator instead. I managed to get out of the building without further problems, but all the way to the boatfair I felt as if I have been high on mescaline and liquid plumber for the past few days, with everything around me, including smells, somehow strange and not a little disturbing. Then again, I was using public transportation, so maybe that was why…


Some Jeanneau boats and Daimer. Don't ask what's with the getup, I didn't.

Some Jeanneau boats and Daimer. Don't ask what's with the getup, I didn't.

The boatfair itself was at Lauttasaari,  and was just like all the other boatfairs I’ve been to, except the boats at this one were afloat. So yeah, tons of very pricey new boats, slightly fewer tons of pricey new equipment, and a pleasant ratio of power to sail. My reason for going to this boatfair, other than suddenly being offered free tickets, was that I for some reason got it confused with another floating boatfair, the Venetori, the one that also had a lot of second hand boats for sale. This one unfortunately didn’t. So me and Daimer climbed all over some floating gin palaces, oohed and aahed at the prices, and chose boats neither would ever afford. I think we were particularly impressed by the quality of finish on the Bavaria boats (or wooed by the price, at any rate) and completely disgusted by the overtly modern and clinical look of the interior on the half a million euro Hanse 540. We also boarded a few motorboats, but the thought of burning so much fuel for so little reason kinda horrifies me, so only did it to compare their interior design and cozyness. What, I am big on comfort… So all in all a good bit of fun, even though I did feel fairly nauseous and week as a kitten through the whole thing. So I decided to head home after only about a couple of hours outside, for girly was arriving from her secret biologist hideout in the Northern Wilderness, and I wanted to be able to see her without puking on her shoes through a vacant half-smile.




Later that night I once again ventured out, to experience The Night of Arts, a yearly affair that theoretically has a lot of artsy shit going on through the night downtown, but in practice has turned into a dreadful drunken orgy a-la vappu. You know the deal, drunk ten year-olds, chicks passed out on the asphalt with their legs akimbo and panties around their ankles, crappy hippie dime-a-dozen shows etc ad nauseum. S o we didn’t stick around for long, and instead decided to save our waning sanity and strength and head over to Dr. Z’s, who was having a little shinding of his own uptown. And what a good decision that was. I was able to up the alcohol content of my blood till I almost felt healthy, and had a great time chatting with all the dear people I nowadays, and through nobody’s fault but my own, so seldom see. So yeah, this is it for my first proper post. Now for some ice cream and a movie. I think we’ll watch The Machinist. I am gettin kinda sick of comedies…


And hey, should I resurrect the ancient custom of linktime? Maybe… So here goes. A top ten list of ancient inventions! And then a little rant against the hypocritical left. I think I’ll leave it at that, didn’t have anything prepaired this time…

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