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Very pretty, thanks.

Very pretty, thanks.

Good news, everybody! I declare the hunting season officially open. So grab your pea-shooters and join the enthusiastic throng of murderous sociopaths at the educational institution of your choice! I predict that school shootings will become a national past-time in the few years ahead. There will be betting offices set up, with bets on death toll and weapon of choice, etc… And the most prolific ones will be rewarded with the longest Wikipedia entries. Oh well, whatever happens, happens for the best, no? In any case, the nature seems to be rejoicing, God putting on a proper show, smiling His wide blue smile.


No. Doesn’t work that way, I’m afraid. But oh well. Other than the school shooting, nothing much has been happening since the last update. Girly came and went, fun was had, drinks were drunk, and a fight was fought. Yes! A fight! But not one of them real fights, rather a lame bar tussle. To make the long story short, some wanker was trying to sell a stolen phone, I didn’t buy, he took offense, called me a jackass, I told him I disagreed and that it was he who was a jackass.He didn’t like that, so gave me a smack on the back of my head (I was sitting down, he was standing), I didn’t like that either, so I jumped up and got him in a head lock, and waltzed around for a while, after which we were pulled apart, then my girlie jumped up, and got a glancing swipe on her cheek for her trouble. That got her really mad! I tore off the moron’s hood during the tussle, and she started jumping up and down on it, trampling the thing into the ground! Whee! That was a lot of fun. And then the verbal diarrhea started flowing… We’ll kill you, we’re gangsta, we’re connected, we’ve got guns, where do you live… The usual shit. Yawn. The bouncers arrived very quickly, and escorted the little wankoids off the premises. And despite their threats to wait for us outside, we encountered no trouble on our way home. Funny, if only they’d have known how much shit they could have landed in…


Good morning! Quite a view, eh?

Good morning! Priceless view, what?

As for the rest of the weekend, well, it was great. Some more drinking, laughing, bickering, sleeping off hangovers, snuggling on the couch, watching Sex in the City… Yes, I was browsing through Pirate Bay when I noticed a DVDRip of Sex and the City was out, and mentioned it to my girlie in passing, thinking that she wouldn’t be interested, being, well, manlier than I am sometimes. I told her that I would download it if she wanted to see it, and she was all like “Whatever”, cool as ice, all disinterested. I then sighed and said, “Ok, fine, I won’t, not gonna watch it alone, now am I?” There was a silence and she froze for a while, then said: “M-maybe you could download it anyway?” I burst out laughing and got a glare for that. She coudn’t keep her face straight for long, either… So we watched the movie. It was ok, but more like a stretched out version of an ordinary episode than a proper movie, maybe a little too stretched out. Anyway, lots of other exciting stuff happened as well, like me buying an IKEA bookshelf and accidentaly throwing away the instructions, having to dig them out of the trash a bit later. And that was it, I think.


Anyway, gotta go to sleep now because the Management, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to send me away to Kuopio tomorrow. And that means I shall have to wake up at 5:30am and drive for the next four and a half hours. Then work. And then drive back. I’ll be back before midnight, but not by much. Yay. Road trip… And I don’t even have any good links prepared for you. So, when in doubt, naked girls will help you out, as it says in the bible. First, Milla Jovovich. Nice. Then Cameron Diaz. Not quite as nice, but doable. And then just some classy girl, all nekkid-like. And so as to cool you down a little, 10 key differences between Linux and Windows.

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