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September 18, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts, Travel


Metro at midnight.

Metro at midnight.

 Ah, beer, that nectar of the Gods. Beer takes the mundane and makes it if not magnificent then at least unusual. Like, for instance, picture me sitting at another bar, back to the wall, face to the monitor. The bar is nothing special, a slightly upscale place behind the Tverskaya, called Look In. But with beer the whole experience is transformed into something much more exotic and interesting. I guess being in Moscow is somewhat exotic as well, were it not so boring. Wha..? Oh, damn, what the hell woman? Sorry, I was just photographed. Shit, there she goes again! Can’t see crap… Some chit of a girl armed with a telephoto lens and what seems to be an industrial flash is hopping about taking pics of everything at the bar. I am the only one with a laptop here, despite the free Wifi (something still fairly uncommon in Finland), so I guess I might have just made it into the new bar brochure.


Good thing they didn't get rid of this one in post revolutionary fervor.

Good thing they didn't get rid of this one in post revolutionary fervor.

 Right. What else? Oh, after I left the Hot Dog Bar & Grill yesterday, fairly early too, I might add, I of course went straight home, what with the early wake-up the following day and all. But on the way there I happened to pass a McDonalds, if by pass you mean “spotted the golden arches about half-a-kilometer away”, and as an experiment (I selflessly sacrificed myself on the Altar of Science so that You might know the truth) bought myself one McChicken hamburger and 6 Chicken Nuggets with large fries and some dips (that, like ketchup, aren’t free in Russia btw). It set me back 290 roubles, I think, or something to that extent. Under 300RUR, at any rate. That’s less than 10€, in fact it’s about 8€. What do I get for 8€ at a Finnish McD’s? Hmm. A normal meal. But the exact same set would set me back 10,20€ plus the dips, so about 11€ all in all. And they say that Moscow is expensive. Hmph. Anyway, compared to Finnish McD’s the meal was ok. The McChicken was smaller, but maybe a little tastier, the McNuggets and the fries were identical, the ketchup better, and the dips awesome. They had a cheesy-cheese dip, and proper mayo, as well as sweet & sour, but I didn’t taste that one. The lesson learned is that you can rely on McD’s to provide a mediocre but reiable meal wherever you might be. However it wasn’t all roses and unicorns. I ended up paying the ultimate price for my midnight snack. I suffered nightmares all night, namely that my girlfriend was dying, that I was going insane, that Daimer designed the new Company Leisure Uniform ( ok, that one was actually kinda funny) and that I was in a middle of a bad breakup. To add insult to injury I also had to take a dump at around 5am… And yes, I did at least wake up and go to the toilet to do that.


  Oh, apparently they have a campaign that if you order a Cointreau cocktail called Cointreaupolitan you can win a special prize! Wooo! And I just won a girly keychain! I am sure my darling will be much amused when I present her with it..! That’s what’s all the picture snapping was all about as well. The pictures will apparently surface on… Hmm, I forget where. Online somewhere. Will have to ask the waiter later.


And what of the training, you might ask? Well, as of now I am a certified BioLink Solutions biometry specialist, I guess. I have a pretty bit of paper with lots of curly writing to prove it, too. I’ll hang it on the wall of my office, I might even frame it… The seminar ended early today, and I had plenty of time to go home, pack, have a thorough bath (incredible how dirty 2 hours in rush hour metro can make you feel), snuggle in bed and read for a while, and to clean the place up before I left. I tried taking a bottle of champagne to the relatives I was supposed to visit yesterday, braving the rush hour metro, but when I tried calling them there was trouble connecting, so I just kinda let it drop. I guess I’m not that good at keeping up relationships… And that’s how I ended up at the bar I am at. I guess I should wrap shit up, my train is leaving in an hour, and I’d really hate to miss it…


Yeah. The financial crisis shows little sign of abating, the markets are crashing, people are starting to stockpile beans, but all is well in my little universe. Oh, and another sign of the impending apocalypse: the French are urging NATO to reconsider restrictions on troop deployment and operations in Afghanistan, and basically just take the gloves off! Now that is worth a standing ovation, if anything is.And in a completely unrelated development, here’s something we short (I’m 172cm, or 5ft 6in tall) blokes have always known: tall people lead happier lives… And ooh, look, a Mongolian Death Worm! Scaaary. Ok, gotta run. Still have to buy Daimer that damn Belomorkanal somewhere, too.

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  1. U cheep basterd, ure writing about saiving 2 E in Mcfucking Donalds!!!!jeeeezzz…..

  2. 3€!

  3. Ti uze vernuls’a?

  4. Aga, telefon vot toka vrode poteryal…

  5. the nectar of gods indeed! i had an unsatisfactory morning trying to get my thesis started and then i decided to go get some ciders for “inspiration.”

    and what do you think? it worked! i’m actualy even interested in what i’m doing!

    whee! <:D

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