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September 12, 2008
By Asmodeane in Rants


Inspiring image of the day.

Inspiring image of the day.

Damnation. I am no longer sick! The 3 day holiday is over. During that holiday I didn’t do jack, didn’t go out except to run errands on Tuesday, meeting the President of Italy in the process, didn’t see anyone, didn’t drink, even. And I liked it. To my unease I discovered that it is the kind of existence, cos it sure ain’t a life by most definitions, that I crave. Drawn curtains, cozy artificial light, sweet tea by the pint, classical music on the net radio. Favorite TV shows on the PC screen, DVD movies with commentary reel running on TV. Ice cream and meals ready to eat on the table, a good book on the couch, hours spent in the shower, sitting on the floor, soaking and singing impromptu opera tunes. What the hell is going on here? I guess I should fight the impulse, but then a question arises, why? Maybe I should just go with it! Do what makes you feel good, etc. But does it really make me feel good? I am of two minds about that. On one hand, yes. It is instant gratification, ultimate safety and an illusion of freedom (although freedom is always an illusion) through self denial. On the other hand it is a sad existence. Period. It leads to excessive ruminations, brooding, and eventually will probably lead to severe depression. And most of the tell tale signs are already there. And we know where that road leads, don’t we? Well, technically no, we don’t, but I do. So I guess I should just pick myself up by the scruff of my neck and force myself to be active, do shit. It’s just that the artificiality and insincerity of it that’s driving me to despair. Luckily honey is coming to town today, so I will have to be active indeed, or face her wrath, and there’s never anything insincere in action through fear of a woman!


What adds to the burden is that I spoke to my supervisor yesterday, and it seems that there are storm clouds on the horison, apparently the Big Chief is concerned about my motivation and absenteeism. Pffft. Fuck you, buddy. Absenteeism? Goddamit people, first I broke my fukken wrist. Well, cracked, while sailing. Had a splint/cast and everything. That cost the company what, 3 days of my time all in all? Then there was the kickass Angina, with a big A, no less, because I don’t remember the last time I had a fever in excess of 40c (or 104f) before that. That cost the company another 3 days. And now, a couple of weeks later, another illness. Not as bad, but I still took the 3 days off I get by default. So jesus, should I then be at work, coughing up billions of bacteria into the office air? Sitting there, with a runny nose, red eyes and shaky hands just to show that I’m a go-getter and will willingly lay down my well-being on the corporate altar? No. Once again, and with feeling, everybody: Fuck you, buddy!


The only silver lining to this all is that I am leaving for Moscow on Sunday, at around 18:30. Will be there until Friday noon… Gonna be attending a training seminar on biometrics. It might even be interesting, who knows. And then there’s the corporate flat, trip compensation, overnight choo-choo train trip, the whole nine yards. And you bet your hairy arse I’ll post kickass updates from there, thanks to the new interface. Anyway, I guess I better go work. Make some cards. Do a little dance. Get down tonight.


Ookay. Glad I got that off my chest. Now, then. Link time. Enough with my bitching, now lets look at the other side of the coin, 10 things your boss hates about you! And if you think you or your significant other is a slob, take a look at the dirtiest flat in Britain. This link I just don’t know where to stick, so hey, typewriter art. Then a 100 foods to eat before you die (from food poisoning?). My opinion? Snails are sucky, frogs are like softer chicken, borsch is awesome.

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  1. Borsch…. *drool* Tell your mom I’m coming over for some of hers, for old time’s sake! <;)

  2. P.S. Why do I always get the grumpy pink face? Some people get other characters.
    Hmm… it seems your blog remembers me…

  3. I think it randomly assigns the “faces” according to the IP address of your PC, so yeah, they tend to stay the same! :) I guess I could turn the feature off, but nah.

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