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A new beginning!

August 21, 2008
By admin in Posts

A new beginning!

A new beginning!

Yes, rather pompous a title. And mayhaps promising a bit much, too. But, at least it happened! I now have a decent blogging script to write on, thanks to Jakki, and that simplifies things a whole lot. I will even be able to write from abroad, writing up to date dispatches instead of one massive post upon my arrival back home, a task usually so massive that it would often be left unaccomplished.


This post is a bit of a test, so I will be brief. Besides,  writing feels weird, after such a long hiatus. So forgive me if my sentences lack grace and eloquence. I am now suffering from a bout of what appears to be angina, with temperatures that go as far as 40,5c (that’s 104,9 degrees Fahrenheit to you Yanks) and feel rather shabby, even fainting at the doc’s yesterday.  I must say, the drive to the hospital was fun, with me comatose behind the wheel. Now I am alternating between furnace heat and deep chills, making for very uncomfortable nights. So I will wish you farewell for now, but promise to come back soon. How could I not, with such an easy way of posting now available to me?

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  1. AnonymousAugust 30, 2008 @ 10:08

    nice site keep it on ;)

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