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Ubud and Munduk

January 5, 2016
By Asmodeane in Posts

I feel like I ought to revisit the whole Ubud - Munduk area as a separate entity. Not fair to just skip them over like I did in the previous post. However I don’t think I’ll bother for now. Another thunderstorm has just passed, the noisily fucking Dutch couple in the neighbouring bungalow has completed the act with a sloppy sounding fellatio, and I might as well go to sleep, early dive tomorrow.

So yeah where was I. It is quite late, and the girls are gonna come back from the spa any minute now, so let’s see… Ubud. Ubud was a disappointment. I mean, I expected a whole lot more temples and temple-related stuff than I got. I was picturing this Bagan-type area in my mind, tons of temples and breathtaking views coupled with crazy cut-throat capitalism, touts, bars, and shops. All I got was crazy capitalism, touts, bars, and shops. Like, honestly. There’s the palace, but it’s kinda meh, and I guess there are some temples in the town, but otherwise it’s just a jumble of hotels, hostels, and various other tourist infrastructure. Wasn’t this supposed to be some Eat Pray Love pilgrimage site? If so, I am disappointed.

Good parts? Cheap hotels, lots of places to eat, and the Monkey Forest. Monkeys are awesome, and these are super curious and not too aggressive. I’ve had one climb me, one tried to groom my paltry arm hair, and one tried to steal my phone and took a selfie instead. There are also some spectacular temples outside Ubud, and since this was low season, we got to experience some proper Indiana Jones moments, huge structures hewn out of stone in the middle of the jungle, not a soul around. Amazing shit, truly.

Then we got a little minibus to Munduk. Went via temple that was supposed to be out on a lake, but the waters withdrew so it was just a plain boring temple on the shore with tons of local tourists and some imprisoned animals. Meh, whatever.

Got to Munduk in the evening and settled into our awesome hotel room, with a gorgeous view out over the mountains. It was a little expensive, we paid about 600k a night, 200k per person. Took a tour of the country side from there, about 10 km of rice paddies, hills, waterfalls, and forests. Quite nice, not too impressive. Still, it’s something to do. My favorite part of the Munduk experience was the hotel view, the bed, and an awesome little viewpoint bar that had a “tower” that you could sit in, drink your beer, and enjoy the spectacular views and clean mountain air. But apart from that stuff Munduk was a boring hole.

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