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By Asmodeane in Posts, Travel

It was a dark and stormy night.  Outside, a stupid dog was standing in the middle of a puddle, its bundled owner a dark figure of resigned suffering. Later, as the rest of Finland was gradually falling asleep to the whistling of the gale and the staccato drumming of the rain and I was basking in the fluorescent glow of Reddit, a familiar kind of wanderlust started to take hold of my soul. Again.

Just this summer I had completed a circumnavigation of the Baltic sea. Circled the whole freezing puddle counterclockwise, 1500 nautical miles of, well, sailing. Or rather motor sailing, since my boat is an old Albin Vega, and I don’t do tacking. It was sort of fun. Before that we “did” Myanmar, Rangoon to Ngwe Saung to Bagan to Lake Inle, and then back to Thailand, for a couple of weeks of boredom (and doing a PADI OWD course) on Koh Tao. All that while still being blissfully unemployed, studying “full time” (apart from infrequent translation work) for my Econ. degree. It’s been an eventful year. I should learn to reminisce, make a point of it. Due to my DP/DR I am constantly removed from the world, isolated and at a distance, and that impedes memory creation and retention a great deal. Seems like such a waste, all this…

And now, it’s once more into the breach. Asia, of course. No, not the French Indochina again. Something new this time. Watch this space…

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