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Sick day

September 9, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts

The Patient

The Patient. Looking good...

Cough, cough… Ah, crap. This cough is driving me nuts. Add to that a runny nose, a persistent absense of temperature, sore head, itchy throat, weakness and general malaise and you have my condition in a nutshell. Yeah, my health has proven to be a fragile thing once again. Not that I needed proof of that, really. I knew it already. Funny, it seems that as soon as I start another attempt to better myself physically fate decides to put an end to it. Last year it was hiatus hernia that brought my athletical ambitions to an abrupt stop, this year a series of colds and a sprained shoulder are attempting the same.  But we shall overcome! Yes, indeed we shall. Not through willpower, no, for that was weighed, measured, and found wanting. No, this time we will overcome through greed, for the gym membership is binding for a year, and costs 50€ a month. So I might as well get something for that money.


The theme of the day was “indoors”. After a night filled with nightmares, pessimistic ruminations on human relations, litres of sweat and delightful shoulder pain, I was almost relieved to get up at 8am. After calling work in order to confirm that I wouldn’t be coming in today I proceded to get down to business. The serious business of wasting time, playing and net surfing. By the way, do people still use that term? Sounds awfully 90’s. But I digress. Although admittedly there isn’t much to digress from. I played Hitman 2 (kinda outdated and frustrating) and Neverwinter Nights (getting somewhat boring after 50+ hours of gameplay), surfed the web (yawn) and chatted mindlessly until it was suddenly 5pm.


Arts & Crafts 101 for special children

Arts & Crafts 101 for special children

I did almost cave in and went outside when I received a notice that my new mainsail cover arrived at the post office, but since it was cold, gray, and raining, and also because I was feeling a peculiar mixture of queasy and cozy,  I decided to stay indoors and leave everything till tomorrow. I also received a rejection letter from the city concerning me contesting a parking fine. That in turn got me reaching for my document folders, all uniformly black, utterly identical. So I decided to make the one with the bills stand out. Five minutes later I was sitting on the floor with my tongue out, a perfect picture of inbred retardation, and glued, and cut, and re-cut papers from my paper basket for a good part of an hour. The result can be seen on the right. And that’s my second attempt! Boredom and cabin fever make you do funny (and ugly) things.


I’d like to ramble on and on about my indoor day, like for instance how I liked and at the same time disliked the final episode of Seinfeld, or how I ate my cupboards bare, but I won’t. Not because I have anything better to do, but simply because I am tired and because I honestly doubt that anyone would want to read that. So links and then an episode or two of Frasier and finally bed.  Here are 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about the Earth. A bit dull. Then a spider. A nice animated spider you can control in a variety of ways. A bit pointless. And how about some interesting photography by Melanie Einzig? A bit too artsy. And then a last shot, a well executed music video by Gnarls Barkley. An interesting take on the nature of relationships, as well. Now that’s a nice one right there.

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  1. Ti ne odin u kogo takoe vezenie s zalom….ja 4 raza podr’at nac’inal hodit’ v zal,nedelju hodil i zaboleval…

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