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This little fellow flew in to get some Tampax.

This little fellow flew in to get some Tampax.

  Yeah, just plain yawn. A fairly boring, predictable day. And after the excesses of wednesday I’d like to keep it that way. Just sitting here at the office, staring at the map of Finland on the opposite wall, getting fatter. And dumber. But richer. So I guess it’s all good. Didn’t sleep all that long last night, as couldn’t make myself fall asleep before 2am, and then only after watching 3 episodes of Seinfeld, so now yawning myself stupid. At least got to get out of the office for a couple of hours today, as had to pick up bosses new matress from Etola and some zip-lock plastic bags. The excitement damn near killed me. However, that also gave me the chance to run some errands of my own, so I decided to visit the Yamaha dealership and look at some outboard motors to replace my old and wanky 1977 5Hp Mariner. I found a 4Hp, 4 stroke model, F4A, going for a measely 790e! I think I might go with that… I also made a few calls to various sailmakers to get an offer on a main sail, since my old one is so damn old and stretched. Best offer so far was made by Quantum Sails (ex Elvström), at 860€. I am thinking of undertaking a major boat rennovation project, if you haven’t guessed that already. Taught by yesterday’s experience I also bought a radio alarm clock, from Lidl, of all places. I always did want one of those. I lost the manual somewhere in the recesses of the car, so can’t for the life of me figure out how to work the alarm and memory functions. Another problem is that the screen glows bright blue even when the fucker’s off, which looks cool but eats up my electricities at a rate of 0.7W an hour, and thus consuming hard-earned pennies as well, at a rate of about 0,004 € an hour! The heart bleeds. 


  Oh crap, it’s already 16:30, and I have to be at the gym at 17:15! And get my GPS, the one I bought secondhand from an online auction, from the post office as well! Gotta run. Oh, links. When in danger or in doubt, show your boobs and run around. I just made that up, because this site deals with Top 100 movie nude scenes ever. Then there’s… Hmm. Ok, some great Olympics and other sport events accidents. Or falls, mainly. Because nothing is more fun than watching highly trained athletes fuck it up and ruin their finely tuned bodies. Gotta go tune my body now.

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  1. Ti kstati kogdanit’ update starih igr delat’ budesh?

  2. Nadoby 4enit’ novenkoe zasunut’ naverna…

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