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Bullet dodging 101

December 8, 2013
By Asmodeane in Posts

It’s almost time to board a flying death tube again. Three in a row, to be precise. Tomorrow at 8am an A320 will take us to Heathrow, then a B747-400 will take us to Hong Kong, from where a B777 will fly us to our final destination, mutinous Bangkok. All in a short, short time span of 26 hours! I am going to die, aren’t I? At least it’s Cathay Pacific, so should have decent in-flight entertainment and service…

Tallinn Maritime Museum is well worth a visit

Tallinn Maritime Museum is well worth a visit

As for bullet dodging, well, first there were the Thai protests that threatened to get really really ugly until people calmed down for the birthday of his majesty the king of Siam. Ok, so the protests are still ongoing, but some sort of resolution is in the air, what with the acquiescence of the PM to hold elections or even to resign.Then there was the storm that shut the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, and grounded planes all over northern Europe. And lastly, but not leastly by far, there was the ridiculous ATC glitch that threw a wrench in the works for the UK airspace on Friday - Saturday. That came really close to ruining our schedules, and in fact might still have a knock-on effect.

So where are we going? So far the itinerary is as follows: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Thailand. First a few days in Bangkok to get our shit together after all the lovely flights, then down to Koh Lanta - Krabi area for a week, then back to Bangkok and onward to Hanoi, where we’ll celebrate Christmas and explore Ha long bay. From there we’ll probably take a 24 hour bus to Vientiane, jumping off at Vang Vieng. It’s a terrible place, with terrible people, but we still wanna see it. After that it’s on to the capital, Vientiane, and then, probably, Bangkok again for a day or two. From there we’ll head to Cambodia, reaching Siem Reap and Angkor Wat for an overdose of temples. If it looks like we have the time we’ll probably then head to the shores, to see the gorgeous islands and enjoy the turquoise sea on the (relatively) unspoiled coast of Cambodia. And finally we’ll head to Bangkok for our long trip back home. Phew. That looks hard enough on screen, it’ll probably be too much for the 6 weeks we have allocated to the project. I’ll probably need a week of rest and relaxation, as well as parasite treatments, just to recuperate from that colossal trip. And it is colossal, for me. The longest trip I did before was four weeks, that was the rail journey from Helsinki to Shanghai.

Anyway, time to finish my packing and try to relax a little, charge up my electronics and maybe even get some sleep. Cheerio!

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