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Spa time for the elderly

December 5, 2013
By Asmodeane in Posts, Travel

I am a raisin. And so is my girly darling. We are elderly raisins, bobbing along in uncomfortable proximity to other elderly and flatulent raisins. But that is what you get if you take a cut rate spa vacation in Tallinn, Estonia. We, or rather she, found a Groupon deal for Kalev Spa, that included massage and a couple of weird treatments as well as unlimited access to the waterpark, gyms and saunas.

Fast ferry across the seas

This wasn’t my idea. Obviously. Not that I have anything against spas in particular, but going on a spa vacation less than a week before embarking on a six week Indochina “expedition” seems a little overindulgent. Oh and I am unemployed now. Or wait, not yet, officially my unemployment commences at the end of January. Until then I am a gentleman of leisure, getting a regular pay check free of any obligation, not to mention guilt. That was the deal I “negotiated” for myself. Then I went to the unemployment office and negotiated another deal, making my semi-private unemployment insurance pay for my bachelors degree for two years, during which time I should be able to graduate. I am just rolling in bliss, I am going to get paid over 70% of my old salary just to study, and I’ll have the summer free to sail and frolick… I’ll even get to go abroad as a 33 year old exchange student! Gosh.

But back to matters at hand. I am waiting for my one and only to finish slapping on her make up and come down to the lobby bar, so that we can go have a modest feast at Rataskaevu 16, a great little restaurant. We don’t have reservations, but what we do have is a back-up plan, a place that ought to have a Michelin star according to most of the reviews, called Lusikas.


Managed to eat at Rataskaevu after a little wait, then had drinks at a drinks bar and went back to the hotel full, tired and tipsy. Today was spent at the awesome new Estonian maritime museum and dining at Restaurant Moon, a very popular new venue. Soon it’s time to go back to the ferry, a different one this time, going to be my first trip on the Eckerö Line’s Finlandia. God I hate editing posts on this iPad.

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