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June 4, 2010
By Asmodeane in Posts

Heya kittlings…


Well, what an exciting (looks at the date of last post) three months it has been! I’ve been to Istanbul, and, um, done other stuff. Yeah… There was a lot of stuff to write about, that’s for sure. Turkey was great, btw.


Insert your own symbolism here.

Insert your own symbolism here.

But. All the fun and games couldn’t help get me out of my private little piece of hell. A change of medication was required to achieve that. For, you see, I once again succumbed to my nemesis, The Great DP. “The Filth” as Sartre used to call it (according to Wikipedia, I am not that well read), or simply depersonalization to you and me. However, having been in this position before, I lept to action, and quickly got myself hospitalized admitted into an emergency meeting at the local clinic, as well as got my old shrink on the phone. A few scary months later I am back to being a nervous wreck of a man, i.e. normal.


But now it’s beer time. Tomorrow I’ll be putting the boat into the water, so nothing drastic, but beer none the less.

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  1. sailing chickJune 5, 2010 @ 20:18

    Yay, boat in water, yay! More sailing posts wanted!

  2. sailing chickJune 6, 2010 @ 21:22

    Also, what’s this “almost 30″ shit in the “About” panel? Don’t be ashamed lad, a certain maturity just adds to your sex appeal.

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