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March 31, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Ye Olde Book Shop! I want one.

Ye Olde Book Shop! I want one.

It’s been a while, eh? Anyway, what with the glorious sunny weather outside, it seemed a sin to sit inside and cry over whatever new woe I can come up with. So instead I went shopping for my University entrance exam books. 3 books all together, ~60Eur! I’d better fucking get in! But oh well, at least it was money well spent. Feeling great due to the weather (a scorching +10c!), I decided to meet up with a buddy of mine, who promptly forced me to go for a walk. All in all we must have walked thousands of miles that day. More than I’ve probably walked during the past 2 weeks! Visited a lot of nice, dusty thrift stores, and, most importantly, 2nd hand bookstores. Mmm. Booooks… Whenever I get into one of those stores, provided it has a decent (and cheap!!) selection of english books, I loose myself. I usually snap out of it outside the store, with a heap of books I don’t remember buying in my arms. This time I exercised caution, however, and only bought 3 books. Great books! Number 1. was a great find: “The Circumnavigators: A History” by Derek Wilson. A must-have for any naval/maritime history buff. Then some smart sci-fi by Julian May, namely the two middle books of “The Pliocene Exile“. That was enough literature for me. My only worry now is that I will get sidetracked from my studies by these great books… Naturally, having walked around for the better part of 2 hours, the evening ended up in a cheap, dark, cozy pub. Yesterday was wonderful day, all in all.. 


And to make you feel even better, I give you Lotsa Tits & Ass! But if you are feeling pious, here is some reading on Allmighty’s Miracles.

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