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March 24, 2004
By Asmodeane in Posts

Farwell, sweet nicotine!

Farwell, sweet nicotine!

Well, hallo there. Today, I’ve made a life-changing decision: I quit smoking. I am now experiencing some rather interesting symptopms: I am dizzy, as if I am getting too much oxygen, I have sore lungs, and, naturally, I am rather antsy all the time. The thing is, I dont get what non-smokers do with their spare time. Smoking is just such a natural, pleasant way to pass time. You’ve got a bus to wait for, you smoke. You have 5min to kill, you smoke. You are having a pint, you smoke. What can I fill my time with now? Chewing bloody toothpicks? And while we are on the topic of life-changing decisions, I can say that I made an other one, as well. I’ve read a lot on dietary techniques that basically say “the less you eat the longer you live”. I think I’ll give that a shot. Just to see if I can stand the hunger that necessarily accomplishes such diets. Oh well, it’s time for me to go watch CSI. Later.


And here is another one, btw. Israeli army arrests ‘boy bomber’.

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