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Mehr arbeit!

September 3, 2008
By Asmodeane in Posts


Today summed up...

Today summed up...

Yes, well, as the title says, today was so far all about work. Starting at 6am, which is an ungodly hour to start anything, except for maybe throwing up or passing out. Yesterday I once again had trouble getting myself to sleep, so went to bed at around 1:30am, so my night’s sleep added up to an impressive 4h 30min! So is it any wonder that I had severe difficulties not only getting up, but remembering who I was and where was I as well? Once the alarm clock on my Nokia started ringing and vibrating I was jolted from some weird and forgotten dream into beleiving that I was a caterpillar and that the blanket was a leaf I had to hide under it to escape the buzzing of some predatory creature that wanted to drag me out from my cozy and warm den. So, uh, I guess that’s fairly normal..?


  Eventually I did crawl out from under the blanket, or rather shot out from under it and directly into the shower, since after hitting the snooze button three or four times time was running dangerously low. I still had to pick out my suit and tie the tie (tie the tie…heh). Having accomplished said tasks I was ready and willing at the Nokia sponsored event at 6:45am sharp! And had pretty much nothing to do until noon, when I was released from my duties and told to gtfo. Oh, I made about 15 or 20 cards, and I had some nice salmon & egg sandwiches. I also did a lot of “research” on mind upload and artificial intelligence on Wikipedia, chatted with Simich, and browsed through a lot of marine artwork.


That warrants an extra chapter in itself. Simich found a Chinese website that offers to copy any existing artwork to a high degree of precision, hand made, oil painted on canvas, the whole nine yards. He has also seen some documentary about it on TV, how they have a veritable host of unknown painters slaving away at Van Gogh reproductions day after day at some factory building in Shanghai or somewhere. Apparently the result is impressive indeed, and the prices ridiculously low. So hey, he thought, why not get a nice oil painted copy of, say, some famous work of Aivazovsky’s? And he got me excited as well, even though my 22.5sq.m. appartament has precious little wall space. I have two or three choices so far, something by Claude Lorrain, like this “Port Scene with Villa Medici” or “Port Scene with the Embarkation of St.Ursula“, a naivistic painting by Bogayevsky “Ships in the Evening Sun“, or then something like “The Battle in the Chios Channel” by Aivazovsky. But we’ll still have to find out how much will it all cost, and what are the postage fees… But hey! Will you look at that! My 10+ hour work day has crept to an end and it’s beer time!


Fine, some links. Not many though, I’m parched! Ok, this must be the coolest thing to find in the forest ever! Then the art site I browsed through today, The Art Renewal Center, great pics, good resolution, and most of all tons and tons of artists. What then, what then… Oh, ok, 5 gadgets that could get your ass arrested. I wants.

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